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Frequently asked questions:

Artist Proof - (abbreviation: A.P.) A print outside of the numbered series, usually one tenth the edition. Hand signed or approved by the artist for quality control and colour correctness. Most often sought after by collectors. May or may not be a numbered series

Hors Commerce (H.C.) - Hors Commerce (Not for Trade) traditionally were the graphics pulled with the regular edition, but were marked by the artist for business use only. These graphics were used for entering exhibitions and competitions, but today, these graphics generally are allowed into distribution through regular channels.






Blue Navajo


Blue Tranquility








Early Morning


Evening in Taos


Feathered Hair Ties


Feathered Hair Ties II



Navajo Daydream


Navajo Meditating


Navajo Reflection


Navajo Summer





Pink Navajo


Red Wolf


Santa Fe


Sitting Bull


Slow Bull



The Apache


The Lovers


The Model


The Naked Apache


Turquoise Necklace

Wind Song
Wind Song II
Young Brave
Young Warrior